It was a big day of activity in Perth today.  Our fully enclosed trailer was collected followed by a trip to the truck depot to collect 2 pallets of gear which was transported by road from Melbourne.

The afternoon was spent unpacking, assembling 3 more bikes, and distributing gear to store in everyone’s rooms. 

Fellow cyclist and co-founder of START, Michelle arrived today, and we were joined by Cam one of our bike mechanics, rider/drivers.

There are now 9 of us together in Perth with 3 more cyclists to join us tomorrow.

Tonight my room is shared with Wagstaff , 2 road bikes, a portable fridge, and 3 containers of gear, along with our own personal stuff.  This leaves just enough room to either be in bed or in the bathroom.

Plenty more work to be done tomorrow but everyone is in great spirits and the camaraderie and banter has just begun.

Richard Cooke