Balladonia to Caiguna – 181km

Today we leave Balladonia behind with Cam ticking the Balladonia experience off his Bucket List. This experience included the Interactive Museum, tasting their Cappuccino, the swimming pool, the children’s playground and the wonderful warm hospitality of the Balladonia Roadhouse Motel which we all appreciated after a long day’s ride.

Another beautiful crisp morning of 6 degrees celcius to start our third long day in a row – 181km. We were all looking forward to riding across the Nullabor Plain for the experience & the achievement.

I was expecting it to be a lot more challenging but discovered that riding your bike with newly made friends and a tailwind would be the only way for me. Sharing a common goal and the experience was fantastic. Not only did we see a herd of Camels but we rode along the longest straight stretch of road in Australia – 146.6kms.

The Truckies continue to give us a wave and a wide berth while passing which we are grateful for. Motorist from both directions encourage us on with their enthusiastic waves & friendly toots.

Eventually we all arrived safely at the Caiguna Roadhouse Motel which was built to accommodate people traveling to Perth for the 1964 Commonwealth Games. For us it will be a place for a well deserved overnight rest and recovery before continuing our journey tomorrow for a inspiring cause.

We are continually overwhelmed by the support and generosity by people we are meeting along the way. Thank you Kate from Strandbag in Kalgoorlie, for your donation. It was a privilege for me to hear your own story in which you demonstrated strength & kindness.

Richard Cooke