Bordertown to Nhill – 83km

We awaken this morning to promising skies and a forecast that shows little or no rain – horray!

After a hearty breakfast at Dukes Motor Inn we begin our day in high spirits knowing todays ride is a mere 83klm in comparison to yesterdays long haul that presented less than ideal conditions.

As we leave Bordertown our pace picks up a little as we know in a short time we will cross the South Australian and Victorian border: home turf for many of the riders. Some may ask why is the actual border some 18klms out of Bordertown, we are yet to find a plausible answer to this question.

After a few high fives and many happy snaps under the big blue Victorian sign it was time to saddle up and make our way towards our final destination for the evening: Nhill. The National Highway has been kind to us, with plenty of relatively smooth shoulders that keep us peddling at a constant pace making great time. The country side was mixed with lush green pastures home to wheat, sheep and cows. Despite Kerryns effort the cows looked at us with dazed looks as she proceeded to tell them about the START Foundation and asked if they would like to make a donation. They politely declined (possibly due a language barrier).

Our first for morning tea and BLT was a place called Kaniva. So far mother nature has been kind to us holding back the rain and producing a gentle tail wind at our backs. As we fuel up on fruit and quiche, Kerryn conducts an interview with the local radio station 5TCB, another perfect opportunity to spread the great word with the local folk..

Once again we are back on the road and the end to day three of stage three is nigh. We arrive at the Nhill Swap Boardwalk for lunch and just before the skies opened up. Once the rain passed we were able to meander the final few kilometers to our humble abode for the night.

A perfect day for riding…

Richard Cooke