Caiguna to Cocklebiddy – 65km

I woke this morning with great anticipation at arriving in Cocklebiddy. This town caught my eye 20 odd months ago when the plan to do this ride was hatched, and it didn't disappoint!

After three incredibly long days in the saddle since Kalgoorlie, the START team enjoyed a lazy lie in and for the early birds, a hole of Nullarbor golf. Cam put on display his best Adam Scott form, while others created crater like divots along the 310metre fairway. The stats looked like this: average score card 6, started with eight balls, lost two, and found one fluorescent green ball.

While enjoying breakfast in the roadhouse, I spotted the CD Essential Darryl Braithwaite. Cam's eyes lit up at the prospect of some alternative music in the follow vehicle and the opportunity to reflect on the music that shaped him as a young lad. Rob did a pop quiz question during breakfast, "How many road trains passed us by yesterday?" We all nominated a number and Maz ended up being the closest (there were 24) and won the honour of buying Rob a beer tonight.

We rolled out of the roadhouse knowing we had a sweet 65km ride today. Jan hung out the back this morning as she was emu spotting. Cam alleges to have sighted two emus, but this was not confirmed by the peloton. Rob decided today he would take advantage of the short ride and maintained 30km p/h with sister Maz, while the rest of us cruised along near the back enjoying the easy spin along the road.

Before we knew it 25km had been covered and it was morning tea. More food, sunscreen, fluid and a peel away of excess clothing as the temperature started to rise. Soon we were off again knowing a BLT break (bum, lube and toilet) was only 28km down the road. Right in the heart of wedge tailed eagle territory, we spotted a few soaring high. Unfortunately, we also saw one that came off second best with a vehicle on the side of the road.

Somewhere between morning tea and BLT there was a transition between Cam and Baz as rider/driver of the follow vehicle. There appears to be sufficient evidence to suggest that safety protocols were breached at this time as the change over was said to be 'seamless and continuous, no complete stop of the vehicle required'! This act clearly warrants an appropriate fine applied to said riders/drivers and to be placed into the START Foundation donation tins this evening.

At the 53km point we stopped for a BLT. Cam came into the roadside stop with Darryl Braithwaite breaking into his all time classic, Horses. The group immediately started dancing roadside and caught the attention of a few passing vehicles. Baz and Maz demonstrated their prowess with the waltz and we all oohed and ahhed as the 46 year romance looks as happy as ever.

The dancers donned their helmets again and the START peloton was heading to the Wedgetail Inn. This man made structure was a beautiful sight to behold and met all my expectations.

Today's limerick:
As the peloton rolled into Cocklebiddy
The prospect of doing clothes washing made us all giddy
The bus pulled in
Cam and Bazz unloaded our things
And Rob said, "I'm off to the bar for a middy!"
Viva Cocklebiddy!

Richard Cooke