Day 1 - Perth to Lancelin 142km


Video didn't kill the radio star!

This morning began with a 5:15am call from ABC News to ensure the Ride was still taking place! Naturally, I put on my most professional early morning voice and said, "It most certainly is." That was a green light for Kerryn's pre-recorded interview to be played at 7:45am this morning, which was a follow-on from the live interview yesterday on ABC's State Wide program that covers the entire stretch of our ride from Perth to Broome. With many radio interviews set up over the next month, I'm certain Kerryn, aka 'radio star' and START Foundation will be a house-hold name by the time we roll into Broome on Saturday 16 June.

The START team reflected over breakfast how 3-years ago when we embarked on the Perth to Melbourne Ride how it was teaming with rain the day we pushed out of Perth. Sally Pilbeam recalled having fired the starter gun and was thankful she was not joining us! So much has happened over the past 3-years and we are thrilled to have most of the 'START band' back together again to take on another epic ride for the Foundation.

After a 5 Star breakfast, we loaded up the vans and followed the local cyclists in the group (Barry, Sally and Matt) through town to the State War Memorial at Kings Park. This afforded us spectacular views of Perth and was the perfect place for a group photo of the peloton.

The All Trails crew soon rounded us up and sent us on our way, bound for Burns Beach Foreshore, 40km down the road providing a picturesque ride before having morning tea. START's mascots, Patsy & Mandy, also embarked upon their exciting adventure - keep an eye out for the 'Where's Patsy and Mandy' series of photos along the way! Patsy hitched a ride in Rob's jersey pocket, while Mandy caused havoc in the chase vehicle with JB. (More to come...)

Cyclists quickly slipped into a routine of eating, chatting, taking photos, reapplying sun screen and ensuring Strava was recording every km cycled. Next stop Woodridge for lunch at 92km. We were on Indian Ocean Drive. There was a suitable shoulder to ride on, which is always a relief. The peloton broke into small groups and very soon there was banter taking place as everyone started to get to know one another. A number of cars going in the opposite direction were beeping horns and waving. We suspect they heard Kerryn on the radio yesterday and this morning and were giving the group encouragement.

Lunch at Woodridge provided a welcome break and the cafe owners were fantastic! With full bellies, we were ready for the final 53km to the Lancelin Beach Hotel. The ride into Lancelin was fantastic! A steady winding descent that opened up spectacular views of sand dunes and ocean. We tried not to think about having to ride back up and out of town tomorrow!

A fantastic first day of riding. We definitely feel like the adventure has begun. With glorious weather forecast for the coming days, we are all pretty excited about the coastal views in store.

MJ(Look closely - who is that in the tree....)

Richard Cooke