Day 4 - Dongara to Geraldton 66km


Day 4 on the road Dongara to Geraldton, only 66kms so this is one of the shorter days of the tour. Should have been an easy day but the wind was relentless and hurt more the than the butt.

Travelling north into what is known as the green triangle, for wheat and canola growers; unfortunately that is not we saw on the way up. This has been one of the driest starts to a season for many years, but it was great to see seedling in full swing with rain forecast in the next 48 hours.

The scenery started to change with more sheep and cattle as we were more north into the farming area around Geraldton.

Morning tea was a welcome break from the relentless winds with a stop for High Tea with homemade scones, jam and cream at Greenough. We had time for a quick visit the see the alpacas and some of the historical buildings; established in 1869.

Anybody who wanted to could have stopped 2km down the road to view the ‘leaning tree’, which is caused from not only wind but salt being blown off the ocean. From here the side wind was not as bad with trees on the right giving much needed protection, so the roll into Geraldton was pretty smooth. This is a major agricultural centre for the region and has one the largest port terminal for grains (wheat and canola).

A superb lunch was enjoyed at the Jaffle Shack right on the water. The staff here were fantastic and the food was brilliant (and again plentiful). A short ride back to the hotel and the caravan park and for the brave, a dip in the pool / ice bucket (s%*# it was cold). At dinner tonight we will farewell Tracey, who was a gun into the head wind and one of our stronger riders. Safe travels back to Brisbane.

All looking forward to a relaxing day in the town of Geraldton, with lots of sight seeing opportunities and more adventures for Patsy and Mandy, who appear to have settled into the touring ride routine very well. Kerryn and Michelle have a number of media commitments, so look out for the Geraldton Times online this Friday and tune into ABC Mid West Radio between 10am – 12noon Thursday. We are also catching up with the Geraldton Triathlon Club and the Spokes Cycle Club; the latter has offered to lead us out of Geraldton on Thursday into the 50km head wind for the first 12km of our 156km day!

Looking forward to a long sleep and a day off the bike!

Richard Cooke