Eucla Rest Day

It was so nice to wake up with no alarm, and knowing today was a rest day. After 6 days in the saddle we were happy to be off the bike for a day to recharge the batteries. There is a strong easterly blowing again today so it’s a relief to not ride into that again.

Eucla sits on top of a ridge that we climbed up by bike in the fading light last night. In the light of day we have a great view to the Southern Ocean, around 5km away.

We have plenty to do today – there is the Museum, another hole of the Nullabor Links golf course (the Nullabor Nymph hole), and a trip to the coast to check out the old Telegraph Station and old jetty.

We started the day with a massive plate of eggs, baked beans, tomato and toast. We are constantly carbo loading. Its amazing how much we are consuming. The food across the Nullabor is 70’s retro style – schnitzels, roasts, meatloaf, hamburgers and steak, all in massive servings. Everything is buttered, and you get a very quizzical look if you request skinny milk or multi-grain bread. You have to put aside your ideal healthy eating habits and just eat whatever is available.

We have met some really interesting people on our travels so far, from the truckies, the gray nomads, the local roadhouse owners and the few locals. Most are up for a chat and many have generously donated to START.

Despite a really tough day on the bike yesterday, all us cyclists are holding up well and are in good spirits. The foam rollers and spiky balls area in high demand for a self-inflicted, painful massage at the end of each day. Volunteers Janette, John, Baz, and Cam continue to ensure our little family keep moving forward from A to B like a well oiled machine.

A few stats on Ride For The RAH so far:
Distance ridden: 1495km
Distance to Adelaide: 1270km
Distance to Melbourne: 2059km

We will pass halfway to Melbourne on Thursday somewhere between Nullabor and Nundroo. This is one hell of an amazing adventure!

Richard Cooke