Eucla to Nullarbor – 200km

Headed east again, surprise, surprise but today into a stunning red sunrise. Just 12kms into the ride we crossed the South Australian Border where west bound fruit is collected to stop fruit fly & green snails entering WA. East bound fruit cannot pass Ceduna later in the trip.

We rode through low trees & bush, dense & about 3m high. At 25kms we had our first view of the Great Australian Bight, what a sight. The road lost its 1m wide sealed shoulder at the border so a little less rider friendly.

The whole day saw us riding along a slightly undulating road, sometimes as close as 600m to the sea but it was not often visible due to the high cliffs. The cliffs could be as high as 70m and are continually changing due to the erosion. They are home to many endangered species of birds and host visiting whales & sharks annually.

The views along the way were simply magnificent. The last 30kms had the team enter the treeless plain called the Nullarbor – the landscape is true to its name which comes from latin Nullus and Arbor meaning “no trees”. The motel was a welcome sight on the otherwise bare landscape. Well done all!

Richard Cooke