Kalgoorlie – Rest Day 2

Rest Day!  Now there is a misnomer!   It has been a media frenzy this morning – the local Channel 7 came around to our motel and filmed the riders before interviewing Kerryn & Renee (& Wagstaff) and this will hopefully be aired tonight.  Then Kerryn, Renee & Michelle headed off to the local ABC Radio studio for an interview and this was then followed by a newspaper interview and group photo shoot for the “Kalgoorlie Miner”. We also wished Ken (Jan's cousin) a happy 91st birthday, with her specially made toilet paper banner.

'A day in the life of a ride manger'.

An average day for the support crew normally starts before the riders are up so that we can complete the packing of the day tubs holding their meals and snack foods and water.  Next job is to boil the kettle (several times!) to fill the thermos flask – got to have that mid-morning cuppa.

Breakfast with the first of the daily briefings from John a.k.a. “The Boss” – a check on weather and road conditions and elevations, distances to be travelled between breaks  – before loading luggage, day tubs, spare bikes (onto roof racks) into our two vehicles and then we are off…….

Whilst the pedals are pushing the drivers of both vehicles are constantly checking on traffic – upcoming and oncoming – and relaying any necessary info to the peloton.  The lead vehicle will race ahead to set up for meal breaks and it is only then that we might actually get to do the road speed limit!

Janette is comfy in her “office” surrounded by UHF Radio, iPhone, sat.phone, sat.nav, GoPro and digital camera.  When she is not busy with one of these pieces of equipment she has her trusty “START Foundation Pink” folder on her lap making calls to upcoming accommodation and meal providers, the police, etc etc.

Upon arrival at our night’s destination it is a case of checking everyone in, handing out room keys, confirming dinner & breakfast arrangements.  When the riders unload their luggage and head off for a well earned shower and rest we set about restocking the day tubs, checking water, arranging the pick up of next day’s food, vehicle maintenance & fuel.

The difference between the riders and the drivers is just one little letter – the letter “V” and that stands to show that by the end of each day’s journey we are all Very tired and Very glad to be another day into our exciting Ride for the RAH.   

Richard Cooke