Kimba to Port Augusta – 158k

After giving James the Ultra Running Man some Mars bars and our final goodbye. We continue on our epic journey inspired by his adventure certainly another crazy ally. This morning leaving Kimba for Port Ausgusta, it was cool, crisp and really clear. We all mounted our steads ready to ride 154kms forward into the final frontier.

Peddling onwards we cycled over crests and abounding rolling hills. The momentum interrupted only when bracing for trucks and dodging the occasional unfortunate road kills. Flowing plains, colourful hues it really was a truly magnificent vista. All we needed for the moment to be perfect was a café with a coffee barista.

Some bounding roos, flanked our sides and followed us along our way. From the middle of the pack came Renee’s voice, “it is going to be a cracker of a day”. Maz & Michelle picked up speed and were soon miles in front of the pack. The Yellow Jersey and Queen of the Mountain titles at stake, they certainly weren’t giving them back.

A broken chain on Baz’s bike, a bit ironic as he is our mechanic. However, in true Baz form, transition was seamless without a hint of panic.

Lunchtime was at the first Australian mining town know as the Iron Knob. The town was quaint and locals friendly, cheering and saying we were doing an amazing job. Iron ore and mega machinery, had created hills with some really amazing designs. Certainly kept the town busy digging iron ore and the products of steel refines.

Before heading out for our next riding segment, time to reapply sunscreen and zinc. Jan & I decided to take the opportunity to adorn our lips in START Foundation blue & pink.

After leaving Iron Knob the wind picked up, time for some orgainised riding formation. The day has been packed with amazing scenery, sightings of kangaroos and emus bejeweled on the crown of our nation.

Our group of riders for the START Foundation, have become quite a close knit little clan. And today the group grows as we pick up new riders, so a warm welcome to Dyanna & Ann.

Really quite apt, it’s my turn to write the Blog heading into the town of Port Augusta. As what other towns name would allow me to finish with best wishes yours truly Shiny Cluster.

Richard Cooke