Madura to Eucla – 182km

It was a crisp 6.30 morning as we left Madura Pass. Riders breakfasted up, ready to go with lots of Chammy Cream on our a… A massive 182km day, we left with some in trepidation. However we knew we would all dig in deep because we are Riders of The Start Foundation.

Out onto the road we went passing scrub and vast sprawling plains. The magnificent scenery and rising sun melted away all our aches and pains. Onto the highway we turned to meet a Head Wind that just seemed to get stronger and stronger. The straight never ending road, just appeared to get longer and longer.

100kms marked half way to Adelaide and the crew gave out a cheer. From the back of the pack, Rob’s voice rang out “That deserves a beer!”. Lunchtime was at Mundrabilla Roadhouse for a rest and well earned tucker. Sweaty and tired and been on the road for hours, we all felt just like a trucker.

Fuelled up with Chocolate milk, toasted sandwiches the opportunity for something greasy. Just remember folks we are riding from Perth to Melbourne. It was never going to be easy. Back onto the road and the strong, relentless winds rolled on and on. But to save the day, the truck pulled up and Janette broke into song.

The mood was lifted and everyone joined in on the Riders Kareokee. Unfortunately we were all clipped in, otherwise we would have had one foot in and one foot out, Riders Hokey Pokey. More time on the road and the relentless head winds really gave us their best. Riders all pitched in, formed tight formation, to help us get through this challenging test.

All Riders determined to get through, there was no way we were turning back. Not even for bounding Roos or a wiggling snake that meet Baz’s bus and ended up quite flat. The Riders solidered on to Eulca and the Great Australian Bight. All Riders very weary and looking forward to sleeping well tonight.

Time for dinner and ride debriefing, so I had better not be tardy. This particular writer feels she has well deserved a Chardy. A Rest day tomorrow, time for all Riders to gain sleep and strength will muster. After 9 and a half hours on the bike, goodnight from a weary but still Shiny Cluster.

Richard Cooke