Nhill to Horsham – 74km

Day 30, that means we only have four days to the end, wow that is unbelievable. We woke this morning to drizzly rain but cool, favourable south westerly winds.

We were joined by a good friend of mine and seasoned cyclist Allan Bedggood for the 74km ride to Horsham (the second shortest day of the whole ride). A brisk pace was set by Maz and Cam and our first stop was at Pink Lake which was beautiful and splendid. The lake is pink in colour due to the pink salt deposits. If there was just a little more sunshine then it would have looked even better! Cam our resident photographer took many beautiful photos.

Unfortunately Emma, one of our Adelaide to Melbourne riders had a flat rear tyre but thanks to the tidy work of Mechanic Baz, who did a 3 minute 42 second repair, she was back on the road in no time. With speed like that Baz was receiving calls to join pit crews of several V8 supercar teams.

A leisurely roll into Dimboola led to several media commitments with local radio and newspaper, and of course, coffee!

With only 38km to go, the challenge became missing the passing rain showers. Shortly after leaving Dimboola we managed to get stuck at a set of random traffic lights on the highway. There were roadworks taking place on one of the small bridges. Not sure what the workers thought seeing a large group of pink and blue clad cyclists in lycra cruise though but there was plenty of rubber-necking.

We rolled into the park in Horsham for a very nice picnic lunch in the cold, where we were greeted by some of the riders family and friends who will be spending the next two nights here with us!

Richard Cooke