Norseman to Balladonia – 190km

An early cool (8 degrees) start to the day today as we set off enroute to Balladonia. We managed to get less than a kilometre from our overnight accommodation to be stopped at the train crossing for 5 minutes. We managed to get up close and personal with a 1.2km freight train (still being debated amongst the group) containing 160 carriages and 4 engines. Shortly after passing the crossing we laid our eyes on our first 'sign to Adelaide'. The group was very excited!

The morning started off beautiful and still but it didn't take long for the head wind to pick up and morning tea couldn't come soon enough. My toes had eventually thawed out but I was running on empty when I arrived so I think I managed to nearly eat everything in sight. Thanks to a friend of a friend of a friend for the scrumptious chia chocolate balls of yumminess!

As a group we formed our own train, not quite as long as the one we saw earlier this morning. We took rolling turns into the wind and before we knew it we arrived at lunch. Being able to view the bright pink pom poms from nearly a kilometre away, everyone was happy to see them, along with Janettes new dance moves! Jan made a break away from the peloton and lead the group to lunch.

The group train reformed after lunch, we stayed tight and rolled through most of the last 80km to Balladonia. The last 5km was a count down with signs advertising the swimming pool (5km), interactive Museum (4km), the Hotel/Roadhouse (3km), children's playground (2km) and cappuccino (1km). We received a very warm welcome from Dave at the Balladonia Roadhouse and enjoyed a hearty meal and shared lots of laughs from the days events. Bring on the last of our 3 consecutive days over 180 tomorrow!

Richard Cooke