Nundroo to Ceduna – 151km

After a great dinner at the Nundroo Roadhouse sleep was going to precious as the forecast had most things in store for us on the ride to Ceduna. Many of us were woken around 3:30 am to wild winds and heavy rain storms.

Thank goodness that had mostly passed by day break, so after another great breakfast we set of with strong but favourable westerly winds making the job much easier. Following our first drinks break cross winds made riding very unpleasant.

For the first time in 10-12 days we came back into farming areas, grazing and cropping becoming more common. Recent rainfall has initiated canola (hopefully Pioneer canola) planting.

The township of Penong was a timely lunch break. A sit down meal was a special treat as was the beef casserole and rice. The next 25kms rolled by pretty quickly as the strong westerlies allowed 35kph rolling speed.

At the drinks break we were joined by a new rider Sonya (her mum Sandra and mum's dog Cindy), who will be riding through to Adelaide, unfortunately due to a packing malfunction the most important item (shoes) were missed so into the bus for the final ride into Ceduna. The last 5 kms were the toughest so far of the ride, most were struggling to stay on the bike after been blasted by the cross winds.

Finally after clearing the Agriculture Check point we crept into Ceduna and the Foreshore Hotel Motel for a well earned shower and a nice dinner.

Looking forward to Anzac dawn service tomorrow, followed by better riding weather.

Richard Cooke