Southern Cross to Kalgoorlie – 225km

Day 4 - We arose early in preparation for our teddy bear’s picnic to be staggered over the epic 225km ride which would take us into Kalgoorlie…..the final destination of Stage 1 of the Ride for the RAH. We set off with the sun rising with excitement and anticipation of this leg, having already munched through our pre-prepared breakfasts in our rooms. Rest stops were staggered every 30kms to give sore bums and shoulders a good stretch….and to squeeze in some more chocolate cake. John managed to identify the harmonics of Maz’s bike noise however didn’t manage to locate the chunk of tooth that dislodged from Maz’s mouth……perhaps it was her new aero position of filing her teeth on the handlebars.

Top of the impressive list would have to be Jan who continues to plug her way along in the “big dog” – smiling all the way and quick to initiate an early break away from the group to get a head start. Close second has been Rob with his intimate knowledge of every rise in the road and how many kilometres until the next town. Honourable mention goes to Janette who managed to get the hang of the Go-Pro camera in between herding the cattle into the rest stops, dishing out the treats, researching every corner of the road and slicing and dicing fruit and nuts for the scroggin’ packs!

The highlight of the long day would have to be the personal escort through the road works at Bullabulling by the local civil contractors who kindly surrounded us with cars with flashing lights to take us safely through the 5km of road works – thanks Dave and the boys at Briety Constructions. If only they could have escorted us onwards to Kalgoorlie we would have felt like pros. Many a truckie and road train passed us en route with upmost courtesy and a friendly wave or perhaps a little “what the heck?!”

Our friendliest escort would have to be the swarms of flies which no amount of aeroguard would have killed! Not sure if it was our good looks or just our l’eau de Start Foundation which was keeping them hanging around…..and around.

From pink lamingtons, pink retro sun visor’s [not sure this will take off for this season of the TDU], expanding moustache lines, hairy legs, locals with no teeth, Andrew Lloyd Weber musical karaoke, the day ended with hugs and kisses and high fives all ‘round.

What a way to end Stage 1 of the Start Foundation epic adventure with mild weather and westerly breezes

Richard Cooke