Streaky Bay to Wudinna – 144km

It was hard to leave the scenic town of Streaky Bay today, especially after a rest day, but with light winds and rolling hills today’s cycling was amazing. Before we knew it we had rolled just over 60km and we were in a place called Poochera for morning tea – yummy muffins supplied by our Streaky Bay accommodation.

Everyone took part in some ‘speed dating’ on the bike between morning tea and lunch. For those non cyclists reading, speed dating involves rolling 2 abreast for 1km stretch, then a single rotation through the group to the next cyclist. Considering most of us have been together for over 2 weeks, it was surprising how much chatter there was between dating couples. Jan played the roll of the time keeper, ringing her bell once the 1km was up. Many conversations ended with ‘I’ll fill you in on the rest of that next time around’.

We had lunch in the playground at the park in Minnipa. It was clear by the energy spent on the play equipment, we perhaps hadn’t been working as hard on the bike today as a few days ago.

Being back on the Eyre since morning tea, the road was a little busier than the last few days. After lunch our ‘Ride for the RAH road train’ rolled the last 40km in fantastic time – anyone would have thought we knew we had a ‘real coffee / hot chocolate’ waiting for us in town. Which we did at Alicia’s Café. A connection through a friend of Kerryn’s. The best hot chocolate since leaving Melbourne – thanks Alicia.

Just before we arrived at Alicia’s Café, we found out we weren’t the only ones crossing the country for a good cause. We bumped into an English guy by the name of James Broomen. James is running solo from Perth to Sydney raising money and awareness for World Wildlife Fund. James was easy to spot on the road, wearing a fluorescent yellow shirt and pushing a 3 wheeler pram full with his tent, sleeping gear, food, and water. It was great to chat with him and hear about his inspiring journey so far. We will no doubt catch him again before morning tea tomorrow.

A short walk into town to stretch the legs and a visit to the Australian Farmer monument. This monument that celebrates the spirit of Australian farming communities from pioneering days to the challenges of rural living today.

After a couple of tough days into Streaky Bay, and the count down on until we reach Adelaide, a PB from our newest cyclists Sonya today - the enthusiasm amongst the group is back!

Richard Cooke