Tailem Bend to Bordertown – 174km

The day started beautifully with sunshine and light breeze. The air felt crisp and cool. All was looking promising for the longest ride of 174km in Stage 3 of Perth to Melbourne Ride For The RAH.

We were all packed and ready to roll at 6:40am for a BP roadhouse breakfast. Following the trusting lead of Janette and John, the peloton arrived at the wrong BP service station with the intended BP Roadhouse 4km the opposite direction on the same side of Dukes Highway in Tailem Bend. Maybe there is a business reason to have two BP roadhouse service stations in such close proximity?

At breakfast, we shared the great news of seeing Start Foundation in the Adelaide Advertiser newspaper. Kerryn, as the face of Start Foundation, was featured with her surgeon Dr Marcus Wagstaff for the $40,000 donation Start Foundation made to the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

The tail wind was a great comfort to the peloton however the weather was not kind the whole way. We had some difficult conditions on the road with showers, head and cross winds at times, coupled with the passing trucks which provided us with some additional sprays from the wet roads. We learnt very quickly to embrace the sprays given that we were already soaking wet.

At the 130km mark, and with heavy showers as company, we were very glad to arrive at our lunch venue – Henry & Rose Café in Keith. Henry & Rose is a nice and cozy café where we warmed ourselves up beside a roaring log fire. Our cause for the ride was greatly appreciated by the café staff where Kerryn was asked to autograph the Adelaide Advertiser newspaper article. The Henry & Rose staff were generous and made a generous donation to START.

After lunch, with only 46km to go to Bordertown, the peloton was keen to get to the motel for the night. It was definitely mind testing for the last section of the ride, however we arrived safely and partially dry. We are Bordertown happy campers knowing that the longest ride days are officially behind us!

Richard Cooke