Wudinna to Kimba – 110km

Hello everyone. Well here we are in Kimba, a small rural town of 600 odd people. Making good time, we burnt the Tarmac and had the 102km completed by 12:30.

After starting our day with a hearty breakfast from Sandy and her team at the Gawler Ranges Motel, an early stop was called for when we came across James Brooman once more, where he again humbled us with his tales of epic adventures. He has graciously accepted our invite to dinner and no doubt there will be more tales to come.

I have to report another PB today....Renee managed 53km before her first nature break of the day, quite an achievement!

Luckily for me, I had a bonus visit from my mum (Sandra) and little Cindy dog when they dropped in to our rest break for a quick hello on their way back to Adelaide. Alas, I think she may be required to pay a small fine, as it was noted that no lattes or hot chocolates were forth coming, and that once again she was responsible for the heavens opening up and ensuring a chilly few kilometres after the break.

The highlight of the day must go to Jan, as finally after 20 days on the road, the team has finally sighted some emus, a mob (yes that is the correct term) of about 7 emus were standing tall and proud on the horizon, completing the wish list of animals.

So after visiting a few of the highlights of the local area - the giant galah (marking the centre point between the west and east coasts and the tin men of White's Knob to name a couple - we are resting weary bodies until the dinner bell rings.

Richard Cooke