Acknowledgements and Thank-you


Now our epic cycling adventure is now complete, there are a number of people and organisations we would like to thank. Without them the ride would not have been a success, and enabled us to fundraise and raise awareness for START Foundation, and inspire people to get out there and live their dreams.

All Trails Bicycle Tours - Richard, Jo, Midge, Lou and JB

Thanks for partnering with START and organizing all the ride logistics, and sharing the START message with your own networks. You guys worked tirelessly every day for the past month to ensure a safe and smooth passage from Perth to Broome. Brilliant job!

Big Balloon – Tony

Thanks for coming on board as a major ride sponsor. We loved having mascots Mandy and Patsy along too. They were a major talking point along the way and a great conversation starter for people we met on the road.

Fulton Hogan – Nick and team

Thanks for your ongoing support over the last 2 years. It has allowed us to fulfill our mission of empowering amputees in life through sport.

Think Bespoke – Karen

Thanks for the behind the scenes assistance to help us connect online.


To everyone that has personally donated to the Perth to Broome fundraising campaign, thank you so much. Every dollar counts and with your donation we look forward to being able to offer many grants to amputees in the future.

The Perth to Broome Cyclists - Mazz, Bazz, Renee, Rob, Kylie, Anthony, Barry, Allan, Phil, Sandra, Lesa, Jan, Alisdair, Archie, Ken, Robert, Amanda, and Tracy

We really appreciate all the cyclists who joined us on the ride. Some new very little about START Foundation at the beginning but have come on board as great supporters. We value your contribution whether it was big or small, now, or in the future.

Finally a huge thank you to all the messages of support from home and around the world during our epic adventure. We are immensely grateful that you came along for the ride!

Until the next adventure!
Michelle and Kerryn

Richard Cooke