Grant application


START foundation’s Grant Program.

START foundation raises funds to support a grant program to assist amputees to purchase a sporting prosthetic limb (s), limb device or have sporting equipment modified. The intent of the grant program is to assist amputees to achieve their sporting dreams. To be considered for a START foundation grant, applicants must:
•Demonstrate proof of Australian citizenship
•Provide an itemised quote from an eligible supplier for the desired prosthetic limb, limb device or equipment modification. Note: START foundation will review and verify quote and supplier. If you are unable to provide a quote, START foundation may recommend a supplier
•Provide two references from a coach, mentor, teacher or employer
•Provide a medical certificate verifying amputation, limb impairment or limb difference
•Outline details of current prosthetist or equipment manufacturer that is presently providing support (if any)
•If shortlisted for a grant, participate in an interview – face to face or via video-con (skype)
•If successful in being selected for a grant, accept all terms and conditions of the contract.


1. Where applicants are eligible for government funding toward some components of a prosthetic prescription, a START foundation grant will cover part of or the outstanding ‘gap’ payment.
2. START Foundation will store information contained in the grant application in accordance with the START foundation Privacy Policy on the website.
3. Grants will NOT be awarded for a retrospective purchase of a prosthetic limb, limb device or equipment modification.
4. Grant payments are made directly to the third party provider of the prosthetic limb, limb device or equipment modification.
5. Grants are not extended to the purchase of wheelchairs.