Hamish is a happy, capable and active seven year old boy who loves everything sporty! He has three older brothers who all play sports such as basketball, football and athletics; Hamish always tries really hard to keep up with them! He is a keen supporter of the Collingwood Football Club and the Melbourne United Basketball Club.

Hamish was diagnosed with an Infantile Fibro Sarcoma, a rare cancer, in his left calf at three months of age. Consequently, he had to have his left leg amputated at the knee at 11 months of age following a six month attempt to save his leg via chemotherapy treatment. Hamish’s strong will and determined nature has served him well, allowing him to master the use of prosthesis with ease. He demonstrates amazing stamina, core strength, balance and fine/gross motor skills, which has assisted him greatly.

Until now, Hamish has used a standard prosthesis, which works well for everyday use. He is able to participate in outdoor activities with his peers such as chasey, activities in the playground, and football and soccer for short periods of time. Hamish’s standard prosthesis is not really suitable for sport as it is heavy and wears him out too quickly. Despite this, he still works hard to run as fast as his friends and those he plays sports with. In 2018, Hamish had the pleasure of meeting Liam Toomey, a START foundation grant recipient, at a family event held at the Royal Children’s Hospital. Hamish was mesmerized by Liam, his blade leg, and his journey. It was there that Hamish and his family were told about the START foundation and the opportunity to apply for a grant to purchase a more suitable sports prosthesis.

Now that Hamish has been awarded a grant, he will be fitted with a blade by the team at the Royal Children Hospital. Already Hamish can’t wait to be able to run even faster and keep up with his friends!