Jacob Mibus is a highly motivated 17 year old, from Dunkeld in Victoria, who has a passion for football and athletics. In 2008, as a result of a farming accident, Jacob required a below the knee symes amputation of his left foot. Since then, as he’s grown, he’s required multiple operations on his leg to allow his prosthesis to fit properly.

Jacob approaches his sporting pursuits very enthusiastically, and as a result, many of his prosthetic legs haven’t lasted a year. His prosthesis often breaks or cracks… and toes, feet and ankle joints simply snap off. The last everyday prosthesis Jacob received (prior to his START funded blade) required three replacement parts, in just three months.

When Jacob decided to seriously pursue his passion for athletics, he began travelling twice a week to Geelong (three hours each way) to get specialised athletics coaching. The coaching has really paid off, with immediate improvements across various sprint distances and long jump. Remarkably, Jacob competed in last year’s Victorian All Schools Track and Field Championships, winning a gold medal in the 100m & 200m sprint events and a silver medal in the long jump. All his results were personal best performances… and he did it all with his everyday leg!

In January 2018, START awarded Jacob a grant and he was fitted with his first running blade. Significant improvements in training and competitions followed and building on his outstanding performances at the Victorian All-Schools Track and Field Championships, Jacob represented Victoria in the 2018 National Junior Championships, winning a silver medal in the 200m.

START would like to congratulate Jacob on all he’s achieved so far. We can’t wait to see what he’ll do next. As Jacob continues to improve, his sporting dream of competing for Australia on the track and field world circuit, looks ever more achievable. Well done, Jacob.