Kingston was four years old when he lost his left foot in a lawnmower accident. While the accident was tragic, Kingston’s response to being told he had lost his foot was, “But how am I going to run super duper speedy fast? I want to be the fastest runner in the world!” After returning home from two weeks in hospital and a cast up to his thigh, he quickly figured out the most effective way to move about – with his Spiderman suit on, he would somersault his way everywhere!

Fast forward, Kingston is now 10 years old and hasn’t changed much and still has a very ‘can do’ attitude. He throws himself into everything and he especially loves sport. The focus for Kingston is not his limitations. If he has any challenges or struggles with something, Kingston is encouraged by those around him to work hard and to practice if he wants to get better. As much as Kingston has applied his ‘can do’ attitude, he has been limited due to his Symes amputation (of the foot through the ankle) and the type of prosthetic he has been able to wear due to the very small leg length difference with his right leg. This means the biomechanics of running have been a lot harder because the left foot prosthetic is unable to move beyond a right angle. This also utilises more energy and requires Kingston’s body to adjust and compensate as it adapts.

Kingston loves to play any sport, and currently plays basketball and football. He wants to start competing in the inter-school athletics and his sports teacher has already said that Kingston can run good times in his sprint efforts. He is also footy mad and his dream is to one day play AFL for the Melbourne Demons. When Kingston was nine years old he had an operation to stunt the growth of his left leg, which increased the leg length difference with his right leg. This procedure has now enabled Kingston to consider being fitted for a blade prosthetic under his left leg.

Kingston has been awarded a START grant so he can now get that blade prosthesis fitted. This will allow him to run ‘super duper fast’ and reach his full potential. We can’t wait for Kingston to be fitted with his new blade and see if he can one day be the fastest runner in the world!