Zoe Creelman is an active 27year old below knee amputee, who lost her foot in a boating accident at the Royal National Park, NSW, in January 2014. Prior to the accident, Zoe would go rock climbing at least once a week, regularly run 10km and be out and about riding her bike in Melbourne, where she was studying.

Zoe has an amazing spirit and even while in rehabilitation there was no slowing her down. She continued attending university where she was completing her honours in agricultural science. Then on her way back to the hospital she’d meet friends for a climb at the gym.

After a move to Geelong for work in 2016, Zoe took advantage of her new coastal location by taking up twice-weekly surfing lessons. She also added pilates, yoga, a pool swim and a short walk/run to her weekly exercise program.

After the accident, Zoe set herself an ambitious goal. She wanted to return to running in a consistent way, build up to running 5km twice a week and then get involved in trail running competitions. When she first started running again she found running on her everyday leg quite difficult. Not to be deterred, she took advantage of a mobility clinic where she had the opportunity to trial a running blade. Immediately she realised that a blade, along with some guidance by an exercise physiologist and a running coach, would help make her goals a reality.

START foundation awarded Zoe a grant to purchase a running blade and she’s now on her way to running consistently and achieving her sporting dream of participating in trail running. Congratulations Zoe, we’re so proud of what you’ve achieved so far and we can’t wait to see you in action out on the trail running circuit.

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